Ok, what can I say, it took me very long to update, I know and I'm sorry.


I have 2 new videos for you though:


Tje first one is actually a Roswell one.

It's part of the Murder Series, part 3.2 called "Coming For You 2".

The end of Michael's search for revenge.


The second video is from a new fandom, from the show Wildfire.

The video is a shipper video for Junior & Kris.

"Shadow Of A Doubt".


Hope you enjoy.








It's kinda embarrassing to say this, since I finished a new video months ago, but never posted about it here.

The video was meant to be my participation in the yearly FanForum Video Awards.

It actually won, but that doesn't help me much, since the Prison Break forum was unfortunately closed and that doesn't only mean, that a great place was closed, but also that I never got my award officially.


Anyway, here is the video now for you guys:

It's called "Faith Till The End".

It can be seen as my version of a goodbye video to Prison Break and Michael Scofield.

I totally ignored the ending of the show though.


I also started to change the look of the site a little bit and would like to hear what you think about it.

Since most of the YouTube links get deleted lately, I figured that it wouldn't make much sense to post the links here anymore, since it's just too much work to keep them updated,

Newer videos actually get deleted before they go online in the first place.

I joined another group now and since you have to join the group to watch the videos, I decided to embed them here.


Every video gets their own site now. You still see the categories, the videos which belong in them and the summary.

For further information you have to select the video and then you get to the page, where you can immediately watch the video or choose to download it and you will get more information about the video itself.

I started with Prison Break, but plan to continue with the other categories.

I just would really like to hear your opinion about it, since after all I want to make it easier for you.


Comments from the Shoutbox:


Angela: Thanks a lot. Always happy to hear that.


Veronica: Those are awsome shows, so I'm glad to bring them closer to you. I hope you enjoy them.










Happy belated Easter everyone!

I also have a little present for you:


A Prison Break - Michael & Sara video called "You're My World".

It mainly deals with S4 and Michael's illness.

It was a song request from linda (fehrianlover).


Thanks a lot for still supporting me, even though my updates tend to take a while lately, but real life just keeps me very busy lately.

I'm finishing up my training this summer, so I guess you guys know what that means for me and then I'm planning the next vacation in my free time.


New Affiliates;

'Twilight Style', 'Roswell Fan' and 'BSB Russia'


Oh and I would like to get a new layout, but have no talents with arts. Would someone be willing to make me a new one?! *look* Pretty please....

If you would be willing drop me a note please.


Comments from the Shoutbox:


Amy & Sofie: I'm absolutely obsessed with Twilight aswell, especially with Kellan, he's such a cutie

                         and sooooo hot. I will see that I can eventually do something for the movie and/or


Sofie: I wish I could help you, but I don't know. I got the TV version back in time when the show was

           still on TV and in the German version of the DVD they're using the old TV songs.








Happy belated Easter everyone!

I also have a little present for you:


A Prison Break - Michael & Sara video called "You're My World".

It mainly deals with S4 and Michael's illness.

It was a song request from linda (fehrianlover).


Thanks a lot for still supporting me, even though my updates tend to take a while lately, but real life just keeps me very busy lately.

I'm finishing up my training this summer, so I guess you guys know what that means for me and then I'm planning the next vacation in my free time.


New Affiliates;

'Twilight Style', 'Roswell Fan' and 'BSB Russia'


Oh and I would like to get a new layout, but have no talents with arts. Would someone be willing to make me a new one?! *look* Pretty please....

If you would be willing drop me a note please.


Comments from the Shoutbox:


Amy & Sofie: I'm absolutely obsessed with Twilight aswell, especially with Kellan, he's such a cutie

                         and sooooo hot. I will see that I can eventually do something for the movie and/or


Sofie: I wish I could help you, but I don't know. I got the TV version back in time when the show was

           still on TV and in the German version of the DVD they're using the old TV songs.








Long time no see, I know and I'm very sorry about that.


I hope you're all doing well.


I finally finished a new video.

I know, about time, right?!

I hope that with this video, I'm back into things again, but I guess you all know how RL can be.


As for the new video:

It's a Prison Break Michael & Sara video, called "Beside You".

It contains scenes from S1-S4.

I hope you like.


As for the site it turned 4 years back in October.

I was at that time in LA on vacation.

It's really a long time and I'm grateful to everyone who supported me in all that years.

I have to mention Kumiko, since she remembered the sites birthday again and even made something.

(Wanted to sent you a thank you mail, but couldn't reach you.)



New Affiliates: 'Dreams Await' and 'Pictures Of You'.








New uploaded sections:



(Dreamer - except for the low and YouTube version of "Saved My Life")

One Tree Hill


The O.C.



Incomplete sections:



UC / Group / Multimedia Mix

One Tree Hill

Lucas & Brooke / UC / Solo








You can also access all videos for the following shows/sections from now on:



One Tree Hill

(Group / Lucas & Peyton)



Gilmore Girls

Veronica Mars







Available sections:




since the high version of "Demons" is now online too, the Actors section is complete.


that section is nearly complete. The only thing missing is the low version for "So Hot" and "If I Only Could". I will work on those, as soon as everything else is online.


not a very huge section. The two videos there are available, except for the low versions. It's on my list for after everything else is done.


the only things missing there, which I will look after everything else is done, is the low version of "I Need A Hero" and "Too Late" is not yet up on YouTube.







Ok, I have no new video yet, but there's another reason for this update:


Like some people already noticed most of the videos are no longer available for download. After I got a few enquires about why it's not possible to download the videos, I checked and realized that they're indead not working anymore.

Seems that I really have no luck lately. I have a cold right now and that of course in the couple of days I have off from work and could really do something, my YouTube account got deleted (ok, already some time ago, but I'm still in the progress of uploading some of my Roswell videos right now) and now Imagestation, where I hosted all my videos in the past closed its doors forever and therefore all the videos I had uploaded there got deleted.


I'm uploading them again as fast as I can, but each video takes around 45 min to upload and I did 132 videos up to now, so you can do the math.


I will update regulary and tell you which sections are online for download again.

Megaupload is no longer a temporary place for my downloads therefore, it will be my main one from now on.

If you have problems with downloading videos from there let me know and we will see to find another way for you.


Right now available are:

Prison Break

is except for the low version of "By Myself" (which I will add after everything else is online again) complete (luckily most of the vids were already right from the start on Megaupload)



Multipart Series

is available for download again, since that was the section some of you asked about and made me aware of. (I will upload them on YouTube as soon as all the download links on the site are working again.)


is online except for the high version of "Demons".


Uploading right now are the Candy videos. (Some of them are already online.)



My links are always white, therefore if they're black or green, the download or link is not available yet.




Tess_Harding_Valenti:  Thanks for being one of the people to make me aware of the problem. Like you can read above, the high quality downloads of the 'Murder Series' are available for you to download again. I'm not sure when I'm able to finish it though. I guess one of my problems, apart from the limited time I have right now, is the fact that there's not really someone around me to discuss the show on a regular basis with and therefore I'm not as inspired as I used to be. Or you could say my muse is missing or I'm not as familiar with every scene as I used to be. I will try to get back into it again though.


Ich:  Danke. Wie bereits eben gesagt, kann ich nicht wirklich ein Datum für die Fertigstellung der 'Murder Series' geben. Es fehlen noch zwei Teile, dann wäre es definitiv fertig aber ich muss erst wieder in die Thematik reinfinden. Auf YouTube sind die Videos leider noch nicht. Ich habe dort angefangen die Videos von den Ältesten zu den Neusten hochzuladen und da die Serien unter den letzten Videos waren die ich für die Show erstellt habe, sind sie auch die letzten die auf YouTube erscheinen werden und ich kam leider noch nicht so weit. Wenn alles wieder hier zum download bereit steht, werde ich mich wieder an YouTube machen. Ich musste feststellen, dass ich in der Sektion vergessen hatte die View Links rauszunehmen, sie verwiesen noch auf die Seiten von meinem alten Account der gelöscht wurde. Deswegen die Fehlermeldung, die du wahrscheinlich bekommen hast.



Welcome to a new affiliate: 'Quite Contrary'







New video can be found in the Prison Break Group section.

It might sound strange, since it's actually a Sara tribute, which let's you assume it's a solo video, but I did it a little bit different, so...

"Lost Along The Way" is with 9:45min the longest video I ever did and I hope you will like it.

The video is another contribution for the 'Save The Good Dr' campaign.








Hi everyone.


I wish you and your family Merry Christmas.

May you get the present(s) you hoped for.


(Even if you don't celebrate it, I wish you a nice week.)


I've also updated some YouTube links.


I added the following Affiliate: 'Wentworth Miller Fans' and updated some old links.







I know, my last update was ages ago, but I have a good excuse. At least I think I do.

I was on vacation, made it to some PB sets, saw some of the actors and for me most importantly got a picture with Wentworth. *happydance*

All in all an absolute amazing and unforgettable trip.


As for the site, I have a new video to add:

"By Myself" is a Prison Break Michael solo video.

It's supposed to be a contribution for the 'Save The Good Dr' campaign.

Please take the time to participate if you can. I would really appreciate it, even if you're not a PB or Sara fan.


Something else which I think is worth mentioning is the fact, that exactly one month ago, 'Scattered Pictures' celebrated it's 3 birthday.

I kinda missed it, since back then I was still on my vacation in the USA.

After I came back, I thought it was too late anyway and I wanted to connect that announcement with a new video update, but that took unfortunately longer than I expected it to be. There was so much going on.

I want to say a big thank you to Kumiko, since she actually remembered the birthday of the site before even I did.

She made a present for the site, which I want to share with you here:



When you click on the picture, you can go to the birthday site she made for 'Scattered Pictures' and watch the cute clip she did as another birthday present.

Again thanks so much Kumiko.


I also added a nice Halloween gift, which I've gotten from Erin in the gift section.



Some of you might have noticed that the YouTube links on the page are no longer working.

FOX got me now too in their deletion rage. Seems they didn't agree so much with my Wentworth & Sarah fantasy, since that was actually the first video they complained about, even though it has less PB scenes than my other videos, with the exception of "Lost You" maybe.

Well, anyway I can't change it unfortunately.

I started now to upload all the videos again. The ones which got deleted before they shut down my account completely I have to save again in my video program, since it seems that YT remembers the files which were uploaded and deleted by them.

This time I registered two accounts at YT. Since FOX is probably still not done with deleting stuff, I decided to keep the Prison Break videos seperate from my other ones.

The PB videos you can find in my account MillerFehrTabascoG and all the other videos under  MillersFehrsTabascoG.

I know they're very similar, but I thought they would be easier to remember this way.

I exchanged the links for the videos which are online again.

Please just have a little patience when it comes to the videos, which are not up yet. Thanks.


New Affiliates: 'Went-Miller.de International', 'Brooke-Lucas.org', 'Wentworth Underground', 'Prison Break Sweden' and 'Telefilm TV'.


Oh and if you subscribed to my newsletter, but don't get mails, it might be that you have a hotmail address.

Hotmail accounts don't work for me anymore. The mails get bounced back to me.

If you would like to get the newsletter still, please register with a new address.








I fixed all the broken links in the video section.

In case you see one that I overlooked, let me know.


I have some new Affiliates to add: 'Prison Break Addict' and 'Fox River' (a Prison Break Forum)







I have another Actor relationship video up now.

"Forbidden Love" is about Sarah Wayne Callies and Wentworth Miller.



And here's an Award I'm very very proud of:




New Awards I've won:

1 for "I'm Sorry" (Prison Break)

2 for "Confused Feelings" (One Tree Hill)


New Affiliate: 'Prison Break', 'Only Wentworth', 'Epic Love Story' and 'Nikola Kitanovic'.







I can't remember when the last time was, that I spend that much time and energy on a video.

I really thought it would never end. *lol*


The new MiSa video "You Said" was a song request I've gotten from *Evie.

The video is totally AU, therefore you can forget everything you know about Fox River.


I hope you enjoy.







No new video today, but there should be one soon.


The reason why I wanted to do an update today, is the fact that I feel the need to comment on some things written in my Shoutbox.

I would say this way it is more easy to read, than me writing everything in the shoutbox too.


So, here it goes, I hope everyone gets the answer they were looking for:



    MariaGuerrinakaTia: Thanks. Of course I'm still here, you're not getting rid of me that easily.
                                            *lol* I did good process on the first part of the 'Changed Reality' Series and
                                            I hope to have it finished soon.
                                               As for your video request: A real oldie and nice song. I'm not sure I
                                            should really take requests right now though. First of all there are still a lot
                                            of Roswell requests waiting to be done and I need to get back into the
                                            show first. Anything else wouldn't be the smartest move and unfair to you.

                      ani: Thanks, I'm happy to hear that people actually look forward to that
                              series. Like I said above, the first part is on it's way to the finish
                              line. I hope you and the other freaks will like it.


                Magali: Both videos will hopefully be finished soon and I hope you won't be
                              disappointed then.

Tess_Harding_Valenti: The question is which one. But honestly I think both Series will take some
                                           time till they're finished. The 'Changed Reality's Series isn't even really
                                           started and with the 'Murder Series' I have the one or other issue to solve,
                                           before I will be able to finish it.

  idobelieveinfairies87: Yeah, you could think that and wouldn't be wrong. I didn't go through all
                                           that trouble and time to just let the 'Murder Series' die. It's still my baby and 
                                           the most complicated thing I've ever done. Another reason why it's taking
                                           so long I guess. I'm just not sure how I can make 3.2 easier to understand.
                                           In any case, thanks for the nice words. Hope you won't be disappointed.


                                 Tina: Gute Frage. Es heißt ja, wir würden die Show irgendwann im Herbst auf RTL
                                           bekommen. Mal sehen was draus wird. Am Besten wäre natürlich, wenn sie 
                                           auch zu uns kommen würden um Promotion zu machen. Ich wäre natürlich
                                           sofort dabei. ;O)


                        Kimberly: The last thing you need to worry about are not enough MiSa videos. There's
                                           more chances of getting too much. *lol*


                            jessica: That seems to be the question of the day. I try of course to get more
                                           Roswell videos done. The Series being the main priority right now, when it
                                           comes to that show.


                                   Kat: You're welcome and thanks. Well, you don't have to like all the shows,
                                           otherwise it would be kinda boring. Even though, as you can see I'm not
                                           that big into those two shows either. Otherwise there would be way more
                                           videos for them.


                             anisha: Like I mentioned a few times above, there will be new Roswell videos
                                           eventually. The next one won't be one I'm afraid though, since right now I'm
                                           doing a PB request.
                                           You never stop being a Roswell fan.


                      Samantha: Well, I never was big on Cast videos. I don't know why, but I like to focus
                                           on couples or characters. Only exception is, if I find a really good song,
                                           which lyrics require a group of people. I still have some L&P videos on my
                                           project list, not sure when I will get to them though.



I've added some more gifts I've gotten since the last update.


Apart from that I also decided to add the YouTube links, of the videos I've uploaded there, to the site.

It's the View link you see beside the Low quality one.







"Take Them Away" is from now on online.

It's a Sara video, dealing with all her problems.

The focus is really on her and Michael is only mentioned like once or twice. But well, I couldn't really be expected to go totally without him.


New Affiliate: 'True Promise'







The new video is a MiSa Prison Break one, with the focus on S2.

"When I Say"

Michael's trying to get Sara to forgive him after everything that happened.


New Affiliate: 'Tweety's Productions', 'Prison Break Show', 'Beautiful Lie Productions' and 'Tired Of Being Sorry'







Ok, new video today:

Nothing really fancy I guess, just some fluff mixed with a little blood...

Sounds weird I know, but hopefully will make sense when you watch the video.

The name is "Beautiful" and it's a Michael & Sara video, which means a video for the Prison Break category.


Oh, another thing I wanted to tell you:

I have a LiveJournal now, after a lot of persuasion from Sally's side.

There's not much there yet and the layout is not yet completely finished, but I will work on that.

I'm also going to post my LA report there soon, which is about the second time I met Brendan Fehr and about the time I saw Wentworth Miller.

My LiveJournal: Destiny Unfolds


I've added some gifts I've gotten for my birthday in the 'Gift' section of this site, in case someone wants to see them.

They're really pretty.

Thanks to everyone who thought of me and sent me something. *big hug*


New Awards I've won:

I've won 1 Award as 'Best Vidder'. *happydance*

7 for "Through Her Eyes" (Roswell)

1 for "Beautiful Spell" (Prison Break)


Let me present my new Affiliates: 'Wentworth Miller.us', 'Dominic Purcell Online', 'Sarah Online', 'Brothers', 'Dreams & Memories' and 'Emilie de Ravin'.







Since it's still Christmas in my country I would say this can still be counted as a Christmas present:

"I'm Sorry" is the newest video in my collection.

It's another Prison Break video exploring the relationship between Michael and Lincoln (no slash here at all).

I hope you all enjoy it.


Merry Christmas!!


I've gotten a lot of gifts lately, mostly for Christmas.

They are very pretty.

You can take a look at them under 'Site' and 'Gifts'.

Thanks to everyone who sent me something,


New Awards:

4 Awards for "Too Late" (Roswell)

1 for "Beautiful Spell" (Prison Break)

1 for "Lost You" (Prison Break)


New Affiliates: 'Beautiful And Talented Sarah', 'Michael Scofield Central', 'Wentworth Miller Addiction', 'Wonderful Sarah' and 'Happy Ending Awards'.







In all the hurry I completely forgot to update my Affiliates, so I wanted to catch up on that now:


My new Affiliates are: 'TV Creations', 'Midkitten's Music Video Page', 'A Roswellians' Fantasy Convention' (Roswell Forum), 'Juicy Glitter', 'Prison Break Net' and 'The Michael & Sara Shipper Community'.

The link to the site 'The MiSa Obsession' I've added in the Prison Break category as well as in the 'other sites I'm associated with', since I gave the ok to the site to post links for my videos.







New video, which I can offer you:


Prison Break - Michael & Sara

It's another AU video, in the style of "What If" and "Lost You".

Read the summary and notes to find out more and I would love it, if you watch it and tell me what you think.


I know some people asked me for videos for other shows like Roswell, but I can't help where my inspiration takes me.

I will try to work on something else soon, but I can't promise you anything.

I just don't want to do something half-heartedly, which should also be in your interest.

Thanks for your understanding.







No new video to add, but I have to put a button up, to show that I gave my permission to be nominated:



Sally was so nice to nominate one of my Roswell Candy videos "Til I Get Over You" over at 'Hopeless Romantic Awards' for the Best Of The Best Round.

I'm feeling very happy and honored about that.

Made my day. Thanks Sally.


The site is for all TV shows, therefore if you have a video you want to nominate (it can't be your own though - at least for that Round) go ahead and nominate it.

Jennifer, she is the owner of the site, would be happy if more people stop by, since now back from the hiatus, she lost some of the people who used to come by.

Help her out a little bit. It doesn't take long to nominate.







Yesterday was Scattered Pictures 2nd birthday.

(I'm so late with this announcement, since I was away on a business trip yesterday)

I still can't believe that it's already been that long and I'm even more amazed by the fact that you still visit and support my work. I can't thank you all enough for that. *big hug*


I wanted to have a new video ready, but unfortunately I couldn't make it, since lately I couldn't spend much time in front of the computer (apart from the time at work at least).


Scattered Pictures got something for it's birthday though, from the nice Kumiko.

Take a look.


As for the statistics of the site:

123 videos for

9 different categories and those won

730 Awards up to now.


Not too bad I think.


I hope there will be more birthdays to come and that you'll be still there then.

Take care everyone.







I would say it's time for a new video. *g*

Prison Break, with the main focus on Michael & Sara is still the theme.


The newest video for them is called "Meant To Be" and it's a Trailer for Season 2.

Normally I wanted to finish it before the Season started, but for some reason it didn't work out.

I hope you will still like it, even though we're already at episode 7 right now.

But since we're facing the first break because of sports, it might be the right time for the Trailer after all...

Like always I would be happy about feedback.


Oh and before I forget it, I have a new Affiliate: 'Mysterya Video Archive'.







I was faster this time around with a new video.

It's again for Prison Break. Lately I guess that's no real surprise.

I'm sorry, if you expected something else.

The name of the new video is "Lost You" and it's an AU video from Sara's POV.

I hope you enjoy.







So, I'm back from my trip to the USA and got a little bit used to my new job, school and the 'normal life' again and so I'm ready to do a new Update here.

Oh and everyone who's interested in my report about my time in the USA and the pictures: I should have them ready soon.

Was an awesome time to see Brendan again and also Wentworth. Even though I didn't get too close to the second one, but I hope I will be able to change that one day. ;O)


When it comes to the new video, I have another Prison Break one. I actually finished it already in May, but I wasn't very satisfied with it and that's why I didn't make it public up to now.

I'm still unsure about it, but after all this time I still have no idea what the reason for me not liking it is and therefore can't change it.

For that reason it would be very great and nice of you, if you could comment on it.

Thanks in advance.


And since I'm already at the 'thanking someone' topic:

I wanted to thank Clara for recommending my Prison Break video "What If" at Fanfic Recs.

It really means a lot to me, since she took the time to do that, even though she didn't have to.

The site itself is a great idea in my opinion and as soon as I have some time again, I will go through the videos I've collected from other vidders and recommend my favs.

Take a look at the site, maybe you're pointed to a video that will be your favorite video from now on or just will result in a good time for you.

Or maybe recommend one of your favorites. *shrug*


I'm now a member in the 'Anti-Clip Theft Union'



It's a club against clip theft obviously.

If you're a member and you're also a video maker and your stuff gets stolen, you can report that there and they will deal with the person for you.

They also have a 'Watch List' of people who steal stuff of others and refuse to take them down.

Just take a look and if you like join.


Oh and in case you want to vote for my site, you can do that now on the left side, just scroll a little, it can be found under the visitor count.


Since lately so much was going on in my life, I still didn't found the time to start to submit my videos at Award sites again, but from some previous Rounds, I'm still able to present some new ones:

I've won 1 Award as 'Best Vidder'. *happydance*

2 Awards won in a 'Best Of The Best' Round for the videos "Back Off" (Veronica Mars) and "Broken Smile" (One Tree Hill)

6 for "What If" (Prison Break)

6 for "Back Off" (Veronica Mars)

3 for "Through Her Eyes" (Roswell)

3 for "Too Late" (Roswell)

2 for "Save Me" (Roswell)

1 for "If I Was The One" (Roswell)

1 for "Confused Feelings" (One Tree Hill)

1 for "Somebody" (One Tree Hill)

1 for "Spending My Time" (The O.C.)

1 for "Stand Up" (The O.C.)


I've added a new link to my Affiliates page: 'Silver Skyes'.

It's a link directory for Roswell sites.







Somehow I couldn't do this sooner:


Didn't submit lately to Awards sites, therefore I don't have many Awards to add now, but at least some:

1 Award won in a 'Best Of The Best' Round for the video "Somebody" (One Tree Hill)

2 for "Confused Feelings" (One Tree Hill)

1 for "Broken Smile" (One Tree Hill)

1 for "Back Off" (Veronica Mars)

1 for "Too Late" (Roswell)


I have two new Affiliates I would like to announce: 'Troubled With Love' and 'Beautiful Tragedy Awards'







Newest video is again for Prison Break.

For those who don't watch it and sigh now, I can at least say, that I started to transfer all the episode files from my old to my new computer, therefore there should be something for one of the other shows eventually.

Just bear with me, since unfortunately everything takes a little bit longer lately than I like it to.


The video which I add today is called "What If" and like the title suggests, it's an alternative universe video.

My first one for this show and I have to say that I'm quite happy about it, since it was hard to make it look like that, since we don't really have much scenes of Michael and Sara outside of prison and of course none with them on the outside together.


I have to leave now for my shift at my summer job, that's why I can't add new Awards and Affiliates now, but I just wanted to get the video up immediately and will do the rest later when I get back.


See you.

Feeback is of course like always very much appreciated.








Hi everyone.

I was out of the country for 1 1/2 weeks, since I was asked to become godmother.

The little one is just too cute. *sigh*

Since I understand more, than I actually speak the native language there, I had some time to work on the one or other video.

Back at home, I put some finishing touches on it and now I can present you the first video I worked on while I was away.

I hope you like it, since it's not the 'usual' musicvideo.

You might have already seen it on my 'Future Projects' list: "Solved Mystery" is a Prison Break video.

Since it contains many voice overs up to 1x21 you should be aware, that it spoils a lot.

It deals with Sara finally becoming her answers for all the questions she had about Michael.

I would be very happy about feedback on it.


Since there was no comment about the YouTube links at all, I guess it's not necessary to add them here.


New Awards:

I've got an Award as 2nd RU of 'Most Award Winning Vidder' *happydance*

Made 7th place of 'Top Ten Vidders', which I think is pretty good, since I missed some Rounds at that site.

I've won 1 Award as 'Best Vidder'. *another happydance*

2 Awards won in a 'Best Of The Best' Round for the videos "Too Late" (Roswell) and "Saved My Life" (Roswell)

With 3 of my videos "Confused Feelings" (One Tree Hill), "Love You Still" (One Tree Hill) and "Which One" (One Tree Hill) I've got an Award as 'Most Valued Nominee'

16 for "Too Late" (Roswell)

5 for "Worlds Collide" (Prison Break)

5 for "Somebody" (One Tree Hill)

4 for "Scars" (The O.C.)

3 for "In The Picture" (Roswell)

3 for "Love You Still" (One Tree Hill)

3 for "Waiting" (One Tree Hill)

3 for "Broken Smile" (One Tree Hill)

3 for "Which One?" (One Tree Hill)

3 for "No Getting Back" (One Tree Hill)

2 for "Torn" (Roswell)

2 for "Picket Fence" (Roswell)

2 for "Anything But Ordinary" (Roswell)

2 for "Break" (Roswell)

2 for "Confused Feelings" (One Tree Hill)

2 for "Spending My Time" (The O.C.)

2 for "Your Ex" (The O.C.)

2 for "I Miss You" (The O.C.)

2 for "Part Of Me" (Alias)

1 for "Through Her Eyes" (Roswell)







Not really an Update, but I added the Prison Break videos in the smaller versions.


Apart from that I also decided to put up a list with my future projects. Gives you a sneak preview on what you can expect next.

Recently I didn't have much time at all and that's why the list is so short right now and doesn't contain all the shows.

It will grow with time, I promise.


New Awards:

4 Awards won in a 'Best Of The Best' Round for the videos "Fate Or Destiny" (Roswell), "Too Late" (Roswell) and "Broken Smile" (One Tree Hill)

6 for "Too Late" (Roswell)

5 for "Broken Angel" (Roswell)

2 for "Waiting" (One Tree Hill)

2 for "Close Friends" (One Tree Hill)

1 for "Beautiful Spell" (Prison Break)

1 for "Fate Or Destiny" (Roswell)







Sorry, for some reason, the link to the new Michael & Sara video didn't work. No clue why, but the file was way too small.

I uploaded it somewhere else now fast, so that you can download it.

I'll try to get the video up later at the usual space.


I've also joined some Prison Break fanlistings.

Buttons can be found on my fanlisting section under 'site'.


Oh and a question:

I've recently started to upload some of the videos on YouTube. Not all of them, but at least the newer ones.

I was now wondering:

I know some of you, don't really like the whole download aspect and stream the videos even though I ask not to, since I can get into trouble with the service who host them through that.

The question is now, if you would like me to add the direct YouTube links of the videos I've uploaded there here on the page as well, beside the normal and the small version?!

Just let me know.






Obviously I have a new layout. Isn't it lovely?!

Sally was so nice to make it for me.

It features my two favorite characters of my two favorite shows.

Michael & Michael (Michael Guerin from Roswell and Michael Scofield from Prison Break).

They're sooo hot. *sigh*


Sorry to everyone who hoped that this Update will be about something else than Prison Break.

I just can't resist. I love that show. It's kinda like back in my Roswell days, when I couldn't wait for the next episode. It's a great feeling.

With the season finale of Prison Break so close, I'm of course even more excited.


Well, the new video is again a shipper video for Michael & Sara, called "Worlds Collide".

I hope you like.


I thought I give you an overlook over my future projects again, so that you know which video projects for which shows you can expect in the future:

Of course there will be a lot of videos for Roswell and Prison Break in the future. There's no question about that.

Prison Break probably will get a little bit more attention right now, since it's new and a few songs I always loved and always wanted to use, but never fitted in my opinion to the other shows now seem to fit perfectly to Prison Break, so I just have to go with that.

Even though I'm not that much impressed by the latest One Tree Hill episodes, I still have some projects started/planned. Therefore there should be still something coming.

As for Veronica Mars; I still enjoy the show a lot, but for some reason I can't finish the projects I've started.

I'm very disappointed of the recent The O.C. and that was why I wasn't so motivated to do videos for the show. I have some projects started, but not sure if and when I'm going to finish them. There's one project I want to realize for that show though. Therefore at least one more video for that show should appear.

The same goes for Alias. There's still one project I want to do, not sure about more.

Supernatural is a great show, but I just couldn't find new songs, which gave me an idea for a video project.

There will be no more Gilmore Girls videos. Sorry, but I'm too far away from that show.

Guess that's all for now.


New Awards:

Won 1 Award as 'Best Vidder'. *happydance*

7 for "Through Her Eyes" (Roswell)

7 for "Confused Feelings" (One Tree Hill)

4 for "Too Late" (Roswell)

3 for "If I Was The One" (Roswell)

3 for "Picket Fence" (Roswell)

3 for "Stronger Now" (Prison Break)

3 for "Somebody" (One Tree Hill)

3 for "Broken Smile" (One Tree Hill)

2 for "Losing You" (Roswell)

2 for "Spending My Time" (The O.C.)

2 for "Missing Me" (One Tree Hill)

1 for "Reaching Out" (Roswell)

1 for "Waiting" (One Tree Hill)

1 for "I Miss You" (The O.C.)

1 for "All Along" (One Tree Hill)


Crossed the 600 line concerning won Awards. *happydance*

Thanks a lot to all the Award sites.


My newest Affiliates: 'Fireworks' and 'Christy's Creative Works'.






Well, I was fast and already have something new.

Normally I wanted to do the Update already last night, but I got distracted. *embarrassment*

Anyway, the video is again for the show Prison Break.

This time it's a character study of Michael Scofield, how be became the one in charge after not such a good start in prison.

I hope you like it.


New Awards:

4 for "Too Late" (Roswell)

4 for "Something To Talk" (Roswell)

3 for "Through Her Eyes" (Roswell)

2 for "If I Was The One" (Roswell)

1 for "Love You Still" (One Tree Hill)

1 for "Missing Me" (One Tree Hill)






New Update everyone, in form of a new show and video:


In the last couple of days I've became addicted to the show Prison Break and I was now able to finish my first video for that show.

It's a Michael & Sara video called "Beautiful Spell".

I just love those two together, they are too cute and Michael is just hot.*sigh*

Hopefully one of you here, likes that show too and enjoys the video.



Oh and I wanted to say thanks to everyone who took the time and voted.

I really appreciate that you sacrificed your time to vote here.

Unfortunately FF broke down and a lot of posts were lost, including the contest, so I couldn't nominate the videos, but maybe they will get it up again.

It was also nice to see, that even though the votes were so different, that it didn't really help me with my decision, nearly each video had at least one person who liked it. I was really happy about that.

Therefore thanks for voting again. *hug*


New Awards:

Won 3 Awards as 'Best Vidder'. *happydance*

Won 2nd place on Choice Vidders. *another happydance*

3 Awards won in a 'Best Of The Best' Round for the videos "Missing Me" (One Tree Hill), "Broken Angel" (Roswell) and "Waiting" (One Tree Hill)

27 for "Too Late" (Roswell)

16 for "Missing Me" (One Tree Hill)

16 for "Confused Feelings" (One Tree Hill)

7 for "Fate Or Destiny" (Roswell)

5 for "Waiting" (One Tree Hill)

5 "Saved My Life" (Roswell)

4 for "Something To Talk" (Roswell)

4 for "Tragedy" (Roswell)

3 for "Your Ex" (The O.C.)

3 for "Missing Me" (One Tree Hill)

3 for "Favorite Thing" (The O.C.)

2 for "If I Was The One" (Roswell)

2 for "Broken Angel" (Roswell)

1 for "Through Her Eyes" (Roswell)

1 for "Coming For You" (Roswell)

1 for "Come What May" (Roswell)

1 for "Spending My Time" (The O.C.)

1 for "Close Friends" (One Tree Hill)

1 for "Love You Still" (One Tree Hill)

1 for "In My Dreams" (Alias)


Check out my new Affiliates: 'PixieRock88's Creations', 'Tuesday's Waiting', 'One Tree Hill Fans', 'Fallen Desires' and 'Faithless Awards'.






Finally I'm able to make an Update. I'm so happy.

It's for Roswell, about Liz and Alternative Universe. For more details read the summary under the video.

Name is "Too Late".


Again I have a request...

There's a contest for vidders over at Fan Forum.

There you can submit up to 4 videos.

My problem is, that I can't decide on 4 videos in the Roswell category.

I already submitted for the other shows, just not for Roswell.

I would like to ask you now, to vote for your 4 favorite Roswell videos.

And really only Roswell. The other shows are already been taken care of.

If you don't watch my Roswell videos, that's ok of course and you don't have to vote, but those who do, please help me out.

If you only have 1 or 2 favorites, than please only enter those. You don't have to chose a video just for the sake of getting 4 videos together.

I only want to know your favorites and for that I would also like to ask you to only vote once and really decide on your Favorites.

You also don't have to enter a name, in case you would like to do that anonymous.




Oh and please don't vote for the Series, since they're both not finished and therefore I don't really want to enter them there.

All vidders there are really good. We will see if I even have a chance there.

Deadline to enter videos there is April 8th, therefore I will leave the voting open till the 7th, so that I still have time to upload the videos.

Thanks in advance.


I've added the third Part of the 'Murder Series' in the small version.


Since the last Update I won 139 new Awards.


In detail:

I've won 6 Awards for 'Best Vidder'. *happydance*

28 for "Confused Feelings" (One Tree Hill)

26 for "Missing Me" (One Tree Hill)

18 for "Through Her Eyes" (Roswell)

8 for "Something To Talk" (Roswell)

7 for "Waiting" (One Tree Hill)

7 for "Scars" (The O.C.)

5 for "No Getting Back" (One Tree Hill)

4 for "Anything But Ordinary" (Roswell)

4 for "All Along" (One Tree Hill)

4 for "Your Ex" (The O.C.)

4 for "Save Me" (Roswell)

3 for "Broken Angel" (Roswell)

3 for "Saved My Life" (Roswell)

3 for "If I Was The One" (Roswell)

3 for "Back Off" (Veronica Mars)

2 for "Part Of Me" (Alias)

1 for "Reaching Out" (Roswell)

1 for "Amazed" (Roswell)

1 for "Tragedy" (Roswell)

1 for "The One" (One Tree Hill)


New Affiliates: 'Lights And Sounds', 'Beautifully Broken', 'Broken Hour Awards', 'Savor Each Sensation' and 'Celebrity City' (under Favorites).






Well, you can say for sure, that the episode 3x16 of One Tree Hill  influenced me lately.

I did another video about that, this time the focus is on the guy (Jimmy) who brought the gun to school.

"Missing Me" found it's home in the Solo section.


Oh, I'm soooo happy.

I basically spent my day trying to upload "All Along" on my usual place, but it took me seven tries and saving the video new four times.

But finally the link is up.

Hope that everyone who had problems with Megaupload can watch it now.


Oh and I wanted to say thanks to everyone who voted for my videos on 'Love's Forgotten Place Musicvideo Awards'.

Thanks to you I was able to win some Awards:

"Fate Or Destiny"      Best Video RU / Best Editing / Best Idea

"Through Her Eyes"   Best Special Effects

"If I Only Could"        Best Special Effects RU

"Back Off"                 Best Seasonal RU / Best Action RU

"After All"                  Best Conventional Couple

Thought I should mention it outside my usual Awards announcement, so that you can see that your voting wasn't a waste of time.

Thanks soooooooooooo much again. *very big hug*


Love's Forgotten Place started Round 2 by the way.

Therefore if you have a (or more) favorite video(s) on the web right now, you can go over and nominate it.

And I mean favorite video in general, not necessarily on my site.

Of course I would be lying if I say that I wouldn't like it if someone nominates videos from me over there, but that wasn't the reason for me to mention it.

I think that giving credit to vidders is a very good and important thing, since that motivates them and honestly we all want to see new videos, me included. That was after all one of the reasons why I started a Musicvideo Award Site with my friend Sally.

I have to admit I don't know what the deadline over at LFPA is, therefore if you want to nominate something, do that as soon as you have some time.

Here you go:



New Awards:

4 for "Confused Feelings" (One Tree Hill)

2 for "Losing You" (Roswell)

1 for "Spending My Time" (The O.C.)

1 for "Broken Smile" (One Tree Hill)






I know I promised that I would do at least one video for another show, before I come again with something for One Tree Hill, but episode 3x16 was so amazing, even though it was very dramatic, but maybe that was exactly what was able to touch me that much...

Anyway I couldn't resist to do a new video about it.

It's one for the couple Lucas & Peyton and called "All Along".

Hope you like.


Since I had problems with my usual place to upload videos to, but didn't want to wait any longer, I decided to upload it on Megaupload until I figured it out.

  As soon as it is up on my usual service I will exchange the link.

Sorry in case Megaupload causes you problems.


Got a very nice present from Lynn, which I want to share with you all:

Thanks again for it Lynn. *big hug*


New Awards:

7 for "Confused Feelings" (One Tree Hill)

5 for "Losing You" (Roswell)

4 for "Coming For You 1" (Roswell)

2 for "Through Her Eyes" (Roswell)

2 for "Favorite Thing" (The O.C.)

1 for "Spending My Time" (The O.C.)

1 for "I Miss You" (The O.C.)

1 for "Supernatural Trailer" (Supernatural)


It's always something special to get an Award for a video from a site, to which videos can't be nominated and are instead chosen by the webmasters who search through all the musicvideo pages on the web and then chose outstanding videos from all of those.

I can proudly say, that one of my videos made it on such a list.

It's "Waiting" (One Tree Hill), which made it in the Hall of Fame of the 'Video Elite' Page.

(You can find a link to that page under 'Site - Favorites'.)

It's a great resource for musicvideo pages for all kind of fandoms. Therefore if you're bored and want to see some videos to different fandoms, that's a great place to look.


And I got a mail from another Award site which gave me feedback for another OTH video of mine and even though it didn't win an Award, it was the first OTH video ever to be considered for an Award at this page.

Therefore you can imagine how proud I am.


New Affiliate: 'Ryan Atwood'






I'm so sorry, but somehow the URL to the "Leyton Trailer got mixed up, but it's fixed now.

Sorry again.






Again something Leyton for One Tree Hill

I did a Trailer for them, for the upcoming episode 3x16.

Can't wait for that episode to air. *lala*


New Awards:

1 for me as 'Best Vidder' *happydance*

6 for "Confused Feelings" (One Tree Hill)

3 for "Close Friends" (One Tree Hill)

3 for "Save Me" (Roswell)

2 for "Saved My Life" (Roswell)

2 for "Love You Still" (One Tree Hill)

2 for "Spending My Time" (The O.C.)

1 for "Something To Talk" (Roswell)

1 for "Through Her Eyes" (Roswell)






Didn't take me long for the newest video.

Normally I wait a little bit longer between video updates, but since I'm not sure how much time I will have available next week, I decided to add it now.

"Confused Feelings" is a triangle video for the show One Tree Hill.

Since it has mainly Lucas & Peyton scenes, I've added it in their category.


New Awards:

6 for "Through Her Eyes" (Roswell)

1 for "Losing You" (Roswell)

1 for "Scars" (The O.C.)


New Affiliates: 'Much Afraid' and 'Unwavering Affection'.






And another video for Roswell.

A Dreamer one to be exact called "Saved My Life".

Have fun.


New Awards:

3 for "If I Was The One" (Roswell)

2 for "Which One" (One Tree Hill)






It's actually amazing, the new video is again for The O.C.

Didn't thought that that would come so fast.

Anyway, it's in the UC section, since it's mainly about Lindsay & Ryan, with a little bit Marissa thrown in.

The video is called "Your Ex".

Guess the theme of the video is clear with that.


Again I've added a few videos in a smaller size.

There are still some missing, but I will try to get more up tomorrow.


New Awards:

3 for "Spending My Time" (The O.C.)

2 for "Til I Get Over You" (Roswell)

1 for "Michael's Story" (Roswell)


And I've made the 2nd place of the Vidders who won the most Awards in the last 10 Rounds over at 'Rippled Wings Awards'. *happydance*






Hi everyone,

when I came online today a mail was waiting for me, saying that my videos were nominated 13 times over at the 'Love's forgotten Place Music Video Awards'.

There's no better way to start a day. *lol*

I have to admit, I never heard of the site before. *embarrassment*

Seems that people could nominate their favorite videos there, as far as I understood that.

Big thanks to whoever nominated my videos, it means a lot to me.


But all that means I have to ask you again to vote for me...


The videos in question would be:

  1. "Fate Or Destiny" (Roswell - Candy) for 'Best Video', 'Best Editing' and 'Best Idea'

  2. "If I Only Could" (Roswell - Candy) for 'Best SFX'

  3. "Storm" (Roswell - Candy) for 'Best Episodic'

  4. "Through Her Eyes" (Roswell - Dreamer) for 'Best SFX' and 'Best AU')

  5. "Back Off" (Veronica Mars - Group) for 'Best Seasonal' and 'Best Action'

  6. "Close Friends" (One Tree Hill - Lucas & Brooke) for 'Best AU' and 'Best Idea'

  7. "Betrayed" (One Tree Hill - Lucas & Brooke) for 'Best SFX'

  8. "After All" (Gilmore Girls - Dean & Rory) for 'Best Conventional Couple'



New Awards:

2 for "No Getting Back" (One Tree Hill)

1 for "If I Was The One" (Roswell)

1 for "Through Her Eyes" (Roswell)

1 for "Somebody" (One Tree Hill)






A new Brucas video, therefore a video for One Tree Hill was added.

It's called "Love You Still".

Hope you like.


New Awards:

3 for "Losing You" (Roswell)

3 for "Through Her Eyes" (Roswell)

1 for "If I Was The One" (Roswell)

1 for "In The Picture" (Roswell)






has two of my videos up, for which you can vote in Round 11.

1. "Back Off" (Veronica Mars) for 'Best Other TV Show'

2. "Waiting" (One Tree Hill) for 'Best P.O.V.'


New Awards:

4 for "Back Off" (Veronica Mars)

1 for "Losing You" (Roswell)

1 for "No Getting Back" (One Tree Hill)

1 for "Scars" (The O.C.)


To make it easier to overlook I've decided to split up the Awards in the different shows.


New Affiliate: 'Riccardo Scamarcio Italia'






I have a new Roswell video for you guys.

It's a 'Isabel vs Max' one, called "My World".

You can find it under 'Roswell Group'.

Hope you like.


New Awards:

4 for "Close Friends" (One Tree Hill)

4 for "Spending My Time" (The O.C.)

2 for "Losing You" (Roswell)

2 for "Reaching Out" (Roswell)

2 for "If I Was The One" (Roswell)

2 for "Save Me" (Roswell)

2 for "Somebody" (One Tree Hill)

1 for "I Miss You" (The O.C.)

1 for "Waiting" (One Tree Hill)


New Affiliates: 'Something Happens' and 'Charmed Magic'.






I know, it's getting annoying and I'm sorry to bother you again with something like that,

but I was nominated once more for an Award, where Viewer's have to vote for me, in order for me to get an Award.

This time the nomination is for

"Something To Talk" (Roswell -Candy)

Maybe if you have a few minutes time...



New Awards:

3 for "Something To Talk" (Roswell)

1 for "Save Me" (Roswell)

1 for "No Getting Back (One Tree Hill)






'Poisoned Bliss Awards'

started a 'Best Of 2005' Video Round.

Videos for that Round have to be submitted by viewers and later there will be a 'Viewer's Choice Voting'.

Therefore if you have a favorite video go and nominate it there and I'm not only talking about my videos!!

Such things are the perfect way, to show your appreciation for the vidders work (and again I'm not talking about me)


New Awards:

4 for "Waiting" (One Tree Hill)

3 for "Close Friends" (One Tree Hill)

2 for "Through Her Eyes" (Roswell)


New Affiliate: 'One Tree Hill Online'.








I hope for all of you, that 2006 started out very well so far.


I would say that for me and the site it started out well.

I have a new video for you, for the show The O.C.

Personally I'm very happy about that, since the last video I was able to finish for that show was nearly 10 month ago.

Not sure if that means that my inspiration for that show is back now, but at least it's a good start.

"Scars" deals with a very dark topic though, therefore please read the warning in the Author's Note.


There was also something added in the Roswell category.

It's not really something new, but some might have missed it the first time around.

Like I already said, I decided to split the 3rd part of the 'Murder Series' into two and the first part therefore Part 3.1 is online again.

Those who already saw the previous version, before it was taken down, don't need to hurry now, since this first part of part 3 is exactly what you saw in the first 3:10 min of the previous version.

No changes were done on that. Part 3.2 will be different though.

Up to now 3.2 is not finished, but I'm working on it.

Thought that those who missed it the first time around, would like to see at least 3.1 as soon as possible, even if they need to wait for the rest.


New Awards:

6 for "Torn" (Roswell)

6 for "Losing You" (Roswell)

3 for "Something To Talk" (Roswell)

2 for "Spending My Time" (The O.C.)

1 for "Reaching Out" (Roswell)

1 for "Broken Angel" (Roswell)


New Affiliate: 'Undeniable Affection'.






Ok, I'm sorry to do this, but I decided to withdraw the 3rd part of the 'Murder Series' and redo parts of it, hopefully to make it easier to understand.

The whole video will be split into two.

I really hope that I will be able to put it up again tomorrow, but I can't promise you anything.


One more thing:

"Waiting" (One Tree Hill - Solo) made it on the list of 'Most Notable TV'.

I would be really thankful if you would take the time and vote for me there.

Thanks in advance.






I'm very happy to say, that I finished the 3rd part of the Murder Series "Coming For You" before Christmas like I promised.

Oh and after some comments, I want to point you to the Author's note at the top of the site, about this being an Alternative Universe video and therefore not all the stuff which happened at the Show happened before this plot line.

Which story lines/episodes really happened and what you have to use as your basis knowledge to understand this Series is written there.

I hope everyone enjoys this part and understands the events.

Again please make no comments in the comment box, which contain Spoilers.

If you have questions about the plot, you can always write me a mail.


"Through Her Eyes" (Roswell - Dreamer) made it on the list.

I would be really thankful if you would take the time and vote for me there.

Thanks in advance.


New Awards:

9 for "Losing You" (Roswell)

3 for "Spending My Time" (The O.C.)

3 for "Waiting" (One Tree Hill)

1 for "Somebody" (One Tree Hill)

1 for "Back Off" (Veronica Mars)


In case I don't make it back again before X-Mas:







Oh well, I seem to be really obsessed with Roswell again, like in the good old days, since the new video is again for that show.

"I Wish I Had" can be found in the UC section and it's about a Isabel / Kyle / Jesse triangle.

Kyle wants Isabel, but she only seems to have eyes for Jesse.

Main focus is on Kyle & Isabel scenes.


New Awards:

1 for "Spending My Time" (The O.C.)


New Affiliate: 'Mad - Online'






Recently I've came up with a new story line for a second Multipart Series for the show Roswell called 'Changed Reality'.

I've uploaded a Trailer now, for this Series, which will give you the main background of the whole thing.

The whole Series isn't planned part for part yet, just the basic plot line is in my head.

I wanted to ask you, to watch the Trailer now and tell me, if you would be interested in seeing a Series with this topic or not.

If I get enough positive feedback, I'll work on it, if not, I will just concentrate on something else.

Oh and don't worry, I didn't forget about the 'Murder Series', it's still in work. ;O)


Awards I've won:

1 for Best Vidder (Yay, my first one *happydance*)

2 for "Something To Talk" (Roswell)

2 for "Spending My Time" (The O.C.)

1 for "Waiting" (One Tree Hill)


Affiliates: 'Nulla'






Nothing really new, but I've finished the remake of the Roswell video "If I Was The One".

Most of the scenes are still the same, but the cut is different.

I hope you like the new version.



1 for "Close Friends" (One Tree Hill)

1 for "Which One" (One Tree Hill)






One month after the first part of my Roswell  Murder Series I'm able to present the second part.
It's called "Figure It Out".
I assume you read the summary about what will happen in this part already when the first part came out. I've added more information's now though.

This part has a Crossover with another show I watch Veronica Mars.
I really hope you will like it and that you can follow my line of thought.
Feedback would be wonderful and very appreciated, but if you do so on the site it would be great if you could keep it a secret who did it, so that no one who doesn't want to gets spoiled.

Thanks in advance.


I was also able to upload a few more videos in the smaller size.


New Affiliate 'Curiously Charmed'.


Awards I've won:

2 for "Through Her Eyes" (Roswell)

2 for "One More Time" (Roswell)
2 for "Back Off" (Veronica Mars)

1 for "Anything But Ordinary" (Roswell)

1 for "Save Me" (Roswell)

1 for "Spending My Time" (The O.C.)






Well, Brendan Fehr's birthday was on the weekend and I wanted to do a video with him for that occasion.

I know it's a little bit late, but I was meeting up with Fehrian friends at said weekend and then I had to get back my apartment, start University again, so I couldn't make it in time.

But I guess better late than never. ;o)


The video is about the movie 'Sugar' in which Brendan played Butch and called "Life In The Streets".

The theme is kinda depressing, but I hope you like it nevertheless.


Since the last Update I've managed to break the 100 mark concerning Awards.
Up to now I've won 106.


New Awards:

3 for "Spending My Time" (The O.C.)

3 for "Something To Talk" (Roswell)

2 for "Back Off" (Veronica Mars)

2 for "Waiting" (One Tree Hill)

1 for "Michael's Story (Roswell)

1 for "Broken Angel" (Roswell)


New Affiliate 'Roswell - The Promise'.


Oh and something else I want to share with you:

Look what 'Scattered Pictures' got for it's first birthday:



Thanks for that.





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