It's Scattered Pictures first birthday.

The site is online for a year now, I can't believe that it's already so long.

I want to thank everyone who supported me with it, left feedback and came back often.

I really appreciate that and I'm happy that you seem to enjoy what I offer you here.

Nearly 27000 hits in one year is just amazing.

Thanks for that.


My special thanks goes to Sally, who not only did the layout for me again this time (isn't it just lovely with this hot guys?! *drool* ), but who is also there for me, like daily to talk to and discuss stuff.

Lately there's also Isabel, who offered herself to be my beta and is with me since the last two videos. It can never hurt to get a second opinion on volume and stuff.

And of course to Vera, who offered me this place a year ago, when I had problems with my old service.

Thank you all. *big hug*


All in all I didn't change much here, since it seemed to work good the way it was.

But like you can see, I've added buttons for the shows on the left.
It's an easy way to see if there was a new video added since your last visit and in which section it can be found.

If you hover above the button you can also read the name of the video.


Right now I have no new video, but a new Affilate; 'Blind Oblivion'.


Hopefully great years with you and the site will follow.

Take care








Again a video for Roswell, I seem to have a thing for it right now.

This video means a lot to me for two reason:

1. It's the 100. video of mine online

(not included the clips under Multimedia Mix)


2. It's something completely new and exciting for me, since it's the start of a completely AU series.
"Losing You" can be found under 'Multi-part Series' and it's the first part of the "Murder series".

In the end it probably will be a story told in 3-4 parts, depending on the feedback I get from you.

Again I've added for some videos the smaller versions, only a few left without one and those will come eventually too.


New Awards:
2 for "Back Off" (Veronica Mars)

1 for "The One" (One Tree Hill)

1 for "Waiting" (One Tree Hill)

1 for "Your Turn" (The O.C.)


New Affiliates: 'Maybe Tomorrow' and 'Perfectly Imperfect'.






Ok, no new video, even though I have a lot in progress, but I've uploaded some of the older Roswell videos in a smaller version.

I'm working on getting them all up, but that takes time.


Since the last Update the Roswell videos "Torn" (three), "One More Time" (one), "Michael's Story" (one) won Awards.


New Affiliates: 'The Sweetest Love', 'mUnChKiN' and 'Chemistry Defined'.







Took again some time for me to update and I'm sorry, but now I have something:


The new video is for Roswell and found it's home in the Candy section.

The video is called "Something To Talk".

Even though it's mainly Candy the others appear too.

Wasn't exactly planned that way, but I like the outcome and I personally think it's funny in a way, but you can decide that on your own.


I've uploaded most of the videos which were down, but two videos are still down, since I didn't have enough time for them.

Most of the videos disappeared again right after I've uploaded them. Therefore I had to upload a lot of them twice.

I'll see to get the two remaining ones up as soon as I can and I hope the others are going to stay online this time.


I had to change the comment service for the videos, since it seems that the old one deleted some comments.

I was able to save some, but a lot are lost. Therefore if your comment is no longer there, it wasn't me, who just didn't like what you wrote or whatever.

If you have the time and want to, you can leave feedback again, I would of course be very happy about it.


My One Tree Hill video "Waiting" won a new Award, thanks for that.


My newest Affiliates, which I'm happy to present would be 'Sweet Love', 'Fabulous Alien Girl' and 'The Morning View: Veronica Mars'.


Apart from that I've also joined some new Fanlistings and deleted some of the old ones, which weren't working anymore.






Ok, something new:

I did my first Movie Musicvideo, which has no connection with Roswell and the actors of that show.

I felt bored one evening and organized myself the movie "A Cinderella Story" mostly for Chad Michael Murray, not because I wanted to see the film desperately.

Well anyway, it wasn't bad and I decided to do a video for it from Sam's (Cinderella) POV and it was finished on one night.

I've finally found the time to upload it and now you can find it on the site under Movies. The name is "Anywhere But Here".

Hope you like.


I've won 3 Awards in the meanwhile:

1 for "Through Her Eyes" (Roswell)

2 for "Back Off" (Veronica Mars)


There's also a new Affiliate: 'Chad Michael Murray Italia'.






So, I'm back from LA and unfortunately had to realize that around 16 of my videos are down for some reason.

Since each video takes around 45 min to upload, it will take some time of course to get them all up again.

4 of them, you can already access again, on the rest I'm still working on.

I've marked the ones which are offline, if there are more not working let me know please.


As for the ones who are interested in my trip:

I'm still waiting for my pictures, since it takes a week to develop them here.

When they are back, I'll write a report about my trip, so if you're interested you can read everything about it then.

Right now I'm just saying that I had a lot of fun and would do it again in a heartbeat.


When it comes to new videos, I've uploaded a Trailer for the new show Supernatural, which premieres September 13th on the WB.

The Trailer contains Spoilers for the end of the Pilot episode, therefore if you don't want to be spoiled, you should maybe make a step back from it.


My One Tree Hill video "Waiting" made it into the 'People's Choice Most Notable Competition' over at 'With Silence & Tears' in the 'Most Notable Television' category.

Voting starts on September 1st and will run throughout the month.

Therefore if you like the video, I would be very happy, if you could go over there and vote for me.

Thanks in advance.


New Affiliates of mine are 'Happy Ending' and 'Peach Delight'.






Unfortunately not really something new.

I'm sorry, really I am.

I know the last video was like ages ago, but I just had so much going on, that I really had no time to finish anything new.

We had guests for the last weeks, who wanted to do something with me too of course, judging over at Careless Whisper Awards took a lot of my time and I had to plan my trip to LA.

I'm going to the Bowl-A-Thon (a charity event) to which also some celebrities are coming.

Among them are also Brendan Fehr and Nick Wechsler and since I had free time and money, I just had to go and take the chance to see them, especially Brendan.

Since I'm not from the USA this whole thing is of course even bigger for me and I had to arrange a lot of stuff.

That I'm stuck with most of my projects is not helping at all either.


Then lately some videos of mine were deleted again, so the main Update today will be to get the new link up for the Candy video "My Weakness". ("Amazed" I've uploaded again as well, but it's already down again for unknown reasons. I will try to get it back up later today, so that both are up when I leave.)

"My Weakness" should work again now, sorry for the trouble, but thanks to all who let me know that something is wrong with it.


Ok, the other thing today is, that I can tell you that much has been going on in the Award section.

Since the last Update I've got 20 Awards, in detail:

3 for "Through Her Eyes" (Roswell)

3 for "Back Off" (Veronica Mars)

2 for "Michael's Story" (Roswell)

2 for "Picket Fence" (Roswell)

2 for "Waiting" (One Tree Hill)

2 for "In My Dreams" (Alias)

1 for "Same Script Different Cast" (Roswell)

1 for "Fate Or Destiny" (Roswell)

1 for "Broken Angel" (Roswell)

1 for "Which One" (One Tree Hill)

1 for "Spending My Time" (The O.C.)

1 for "I Miss You" (The O.C.)


New Affiliates would be 'Random Midnights', 'Sugar Rush' and 'LucasandPeyton.com'.


Like promised I will be back again later today, with the new link for "Amazed".

Apart from that the site is ON HIATUS till I get back from LA, which would be August 25th.

Therefore if you send me a mail, or leave a message in the Tagboard don't expect an answer immediately, since I most likely won't have the time and opportunity to go check it.

I'll answer your mail as soon as possible after I get back though.

But keep in mind, that I could suffer under jet lag after the long flight, therefore give me around 2 more days after my return to figure everything out.



Some time later:

New link for "Amazed" was added.

All the videos should be working now again.


See you.






I have a new Candy video for Roswell up.

It's completely AU, that means no Aliens or whatsoever.


Two new Awards were added as well.

One for the Alias video "In My Dreams" and one for the Roswell one "Broken Angel".


"BrookeandLucas.net" and "Charmed Fanclub" are my new Affiliates.






I always thought I would do my first actor relationship video about Brendan Fehr & Majandra Delfino, but the video project of their co-stars of Roswell Katherine Heigl & Jason Behr developed much faster.

In "In the picture" I've made Jason Behr to one of us, that means a typical fan. Katherine Heigl is who she is in real life.


Feedback would like always be appreciated.


I've won Best POV for the Veronica Mars video "Back Off".


New Affiliate is 'Embracing True Love'.






Ok, first of all sorry for the long wait.

I was just so busy with real life, since a lot is going on right now, like a kid crashing against my car with his bike, studies and the most important and joyful thing, the site Sally and I did together.

We decided that it would be fun, to do our own Musicvideo Award site called Careless Whisper Awards, for videos about the shows Roswell, One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars, Alias, Buffy and Angel.

If you do videos for that shows come along and submit your stuff, but please pay close attention to the Rules.


I did a new One Tree Hill Brucas video with the name "Close friends".

It's completely Alternative Universe and tells a different story about the reasons of the break-up of Lucas and Brooke in S1.


Then there're a few more Awards:

1 for the Veronica Mars video "Back Off"

2 for the One Tree Hill video "Waiting"

1 for the The O.C. video "Spending my time"

1 for the Roswell video "Same Script Different Cast"


New Affiliate is "Betrayal". It's a fan site about the Lucas/Brooke/Peyton triangle.

How fitting to my video, don't you think?? *lol*






Normally I planned to do a video for another show first, before I do something for Roswell again, but plans are just that...plans.

But I'm happy to say that I was finally able to finish up one of the requests.

It's probably a kinda weird video, since it's about Ava/Zan/Rath/Max, but I think with the song it worked out nicely... well at least I hope so.

"Broken Angel" is under UC.


The The O.C. video "Spending my time" won two more Awards.


I also had a little bit time and so I've uploaded a few more low quality versions of Roswell videos.

You will see that every now and then more will be added.

Just be patient.






Before I bore myself again with stupid RL in form of studies, I thought I give you a new Update:

The subject for my newest video is my favorite character of my favorite show Roswell Michael Guerin.

"Michael's Story" is about S1 and 2.


Two new Awards I've won for "Neighborhood" and "It hurts" were also added.


Then there are 2 new Affiliates 'Veronica-Duncan[dot]net' and 'Bashful Brunette'.


Oh and one more thing:

For the people who wondered after my last Update how I could start with yet another show, with all the ones I've already doing videos for (and partly hadn't had an Update for a long time) I wrote something which gives a small overlook about what my opinion for the recent developments in the different shows are and therefore can give you a little insight on what videos you can be expecting and hoping for in the future.

I did this at a different place, since some of you might not be interested in it or fear even the smallest Spoiler even though I said everything pretty much in general with no big Spoilers along the way, but I thought I should give you a chance to stay clear of it.

You can read everything about that here.







So, since the last Update was again a little bit longer ago, I'm able to make a larger one this time.


The newest video is for the new TV Show I've started watching Veronica Mars.

It's a general video for the characters Veronica, Logan and Duncan.

Absolutely no couple focus, just the individual persons.

Name is "Back off".


8 new Awards made it in the Award section.

6 for Roswell, 1 for the Alias video "Fall for me" and 1 for The O.C. "Spending my time".

Check them out


New Affiliates are 'O.C. Trailers', 'Believe', 'Becca Productions' and 'Supernatural'.


I've also joined new Fanlistings.






I'm happy to say, that I was finally able to finish up a new Candyvideo.

I hope you enjoy "Fate or Destiny".


Of the Dreamervideo "Torn" I'm very proud this week, since in the last Magick 8 Ball Award round, it was able to win 3 Awards.

Check out the very pretty Awards here.


Furthermore I have a new Affiliate in 'Broken Promises'.






Did you miss me?? ... No?! ... Well, ok... *pout*

No, honestly: I know the last Update wasn't that long ago, but for me it seemed like ages till I was able to get back here.

RL was just no fun the last weeks.


As for the new stuff:

In the moment I seem to have a thing for Trailers. I did one for Roswell, for The Pilot episode.

I'm not sure if I'm good at it at all, but it's fun.

Would be great if you could give me feedback on that, letting me know if you're even interested in Trailers and stuff or if you would prefer the 'normal' Musicvideos.

I guess especially concerning Roswell it's good to know, since for the other shows Trailers make kinda more sense, since there're still new episodes and well, for Roswell not...

I just would like to know, since I also do the videos partly for you.

Which doesn't mean of course, that I will only do Trailers from now on, just once in a while when I have an idea.


Apart from that I joined a few new fanlistings.






After my last Update I was asked if I could do an other One Tree Hill Trailer, this time with the focus on Nathan & Haley.

Well, I've finished that one now.

I should warn you though, that I'm not really into Naley and therefore I don't know the best quotes and scenes by heart.

So cut me some slack, if I wasn't able to catch the best moments.


"Through her eyes" won an Award at Summers' Key.

Oh and Scattered Pictures made site of the month at 'Desert Rose'

Thanks for that.


Scattered Pictures also has new Affiliates in 'Alien Blast Fiction Archive' and 'Aliens & Witches United'.

Beside that I also added 'Roswell - Die virtuelle 4. Staffel' to my favorites.

There they write a Roswell Season 4. Up to now only in German, but I was told that they're also going to translate the stories in English, so keep your eyes open for that, if you can't accept that Roswell is over. ;)


Something else I wanted to say:

Thanks to all those, who gave me feedback with the comment options right under the respective video.

I was very happy about every entry.


As for those I still have a request or challenge from, I will try to work on them soon.

In the last time I just wasn't in the mood to do the typical love and heartbreak stuff, I needed something different, because after all I do Roswell videos for over three years now and I needed a small change for a while.

But I promise you, that you will get your videos.






Well, no one fooled me today, so I'm not going to fool you.


After a few problems with my program I was finally able to finish up a Trailer for One Tree Hill, to be more specific, a Brucas Trailer.

It's supposed to help a little bit over the break and it's kinda like a history session, since it gives a small overlook, over everything that happened between Lucas&Brooke  up to now.


Then there's a new Affiliate 'Roswell Source'.






The Update for today would be a video for Roswell.

It's my first Liz Solovideo and a very weird one for that.

If you thought "Through her eyes" was a weird concept, you probaly won't be thinking that anymore after watching "Tragedy". *lol*

I'm not so sure about this project, since I don't know if it's maybe too much AU (Alternative Universe), therefore I would be happy about Feedback like always.


Thanks for all the already made comments, they mean a lot to me. *hug*






I've made a short video about Lucas and Karen from One tree hill.

Before someone begins to worry, it's a mother-son story about the kid growing up and finding itself.


I've also added three new Awards I've won.

Thanks to 'Four Square Musicvideo Awards'.






After watching "The Mallepisode" of The O.C. two days ago, I finally got back into my O.C. feeling.

That's how I was able to make a new Spooner (Ryan & Marissa) video.

"I miss you" deals with Marissa's feelings after Ryan left to go back to Chino at the end of S1.


New Affiliate of mine is 'Desert Rose', fanart site of my dear friend Anyanka (Sally).






Luckily for me, the hosting situation is solved now.

Vera offered me a place at Indecisive.

I'm so thankful for that.

Now there shouldn't be any downtime at the end of the month.


Then there's a new look.

Anyanka was so nice to make Version 2: Summer Love of 'Scattered Pictures'.

Featuring Lucas and Brooke from One tree hill.


In the video section happened the following:

I tried my luck with a Roswell Trailer.

It could be seen as one for S4.

I hope you like with what I came up, since the idea wouldn't leave me alone.

Since the Trailer is so short, I have something else as well.

There is also an Update for One tree hill.

I've added it in the Group category, since even though it's mainly Brucas, there are also a few Naley scenes in it.


Apart from that, I've also joined a few more Fanlistings.

Take a look maybe there's something interesting for you too.






First of all I'm looking for a host right now.

More about that here.


It seems as if Roswell and One tree hill take turns right now, since this Update includes a video for Roswell again.

I tried something completely new this time.

"Through her eyes" is based on the question what would have happened if Max didn't save Liz that day of the shooting.

If you like such AU concepts, I have more ideas that go in that direction.


That brings me to another point:

I've added a Review option.

I would be very happy if you leave me Feedback for the Videos.

Reviews I've got at the Award site M8BA were already added.


Since my last Updates 3 of my videos won an Award.

"Amazed" at FourSquare Musicvideo Award and Summers' Key;

"Torn" at FourSquare Musicvideo Award and

"Away from me" at Magick 8 Ball Award.


I have a new Affiliate in 'Roswellian Fantasy'.

And I joined a Protection site, which protects things like Videos, graphics, layout and so on. 'Elite Watchers Society'.


People who are familiar with my previous site 'CandyDreamGazer-Flashes' know that I used to have a Multimedia Mix section.

There you could find Roswell scenes in different languages and me playing around with some special effects.

Well, you can see yourself, since that section is here now online too.






My 80th Video:

It's for One tree hill.

I've actually finished this video over a week ago and today it goes online.

It's an other Brucas one, called "The One".

It's about Lucas car accident and flashes back to happy Brucas times.


All videos for One tree hill were also added in a lower quality (smaller size).

Just click on 'Low' under each video and a new page will open up where you can download the video in a smaller size.

I also started with the Candy videos, but there are only 3 up yet.






This Update is for my favorite Roswell couple Michael&Maria.

"Amazed" is from Michael's POV and how Maria amazes him all the time.

Song suggestion came from one of my very good friends landra.






First of all, I wanted to explain what happened to the site for the last few days:

The service which I'm using for my homepage is for free and with that come specific limits, like for traffic.

Each month I have a limit of 1GB traffic and in January I've had more traffic than that, so they took my page offline.

Since it were only a few more days til the next month, I didn't saw the necessity of buying more traffic.

In case the site is offline at the end of a month again, you know from now on why.

Beside all that it was very nice to see how many people were worried about the site even though it was only a few days.

Thanks for that.


The newest video is for One tree hill.

"Waiting" is about Peyton and the rough times she's going through.

Can be found in the Solo section.


All Dreamer videos are up in a lower quality (smaller size) versions up as well.

Just click on 'Low' under each video and a new page will open up where you can download the video in a smaller size.

I hope this solution for the persons with slower connections is working.


"Anything But Ordinary" won an Award on Magick 8 Ball Awards

and "You Missed Out" on Summer's Key.


There were also added Reviews for "Til I Get Over You", "Anything But Ordinary" and "Picket Fence".






Again something for Roswell.

"Torn" found it's home in the Dreamer section.


'Love Interlude' is my newest Affiliate.






So, I hope everyone had a good start in the new year...


Today I have a new video for The O.C. fans.

It's a little unconventional, since it's about the Ryan&Theresa&Eddie triangle.

"Stand Up" 's main focus is on the black eye Theresa had and the struggle she goes through, if she should break up with Eddie or not.


Then there's a new Affiliate 'Brendan Fehr Online'.

It's a great place for high quality pics of Brendan and other stuff.


Last but not least "Same Script Different Cast" won an Award.

Thanks to Magick 8 Ball Awards.

I've also added Reviews I've got for that video and "One More Time".


So, I think that's all...






Like I promised, one more Update this year:


Of course I can't let 2004 be over without one more Candyvideo.
Hope you like "Reaching Out".


There's also a new Affiliate.
A german Shiri Appleby Fanpage.


Take care everyone.

I wish you all a Happy New Year.


We will hopefully see each other again 2005.






First of all, Merry Christmas everyone.

I have a little something for you.

After seven month of wait, I finally have a new Dreamer video.

It's a request I've taken from Itzstacie.


"Please Don't Go" deals with Max leaving in Departure.


Apart from that I'm very proud to say that "Anything But Ordinary" and " Picket Fence" each won one more Award.

This time I have to say thanks to Four Square.


I'm planning on making one more update this year, but if for some reason I'm not able to make it,
I wish you a Happy New Year in advance.






"Taste" is a video for the One tree hill Lucas & Brooke section.

There's no real plot, but hey, it's Brucas loving, so it shouldn't matter that much. ;)


3 new Roswell Musicvideo Awards were added in the Award section.

Winners are "Anything But Ordinary", "Picket Fence" and "Til I Get Over You".

Thanks to Summer's key.


New Affiliate in 'Roswell Realm Forum'.






Last night I finished a new Shiri Video.
It's about her appearance in 'Darklight'.


The videos which are about the Actors of Roswell and not about the show itself moved in a new section.

They now can be found in the 'Roswell Actors - Completely different' section.

The Darklight Video can be found there as well.


I tried to upload a few more smaller sized videos, but somehow it didn't work out, like I wanted to.
I think I will have to look for another solution. Don't worry, I will continue to try.


What else is left to say....

Oh yeah, Videos will have a watermark from now on.

Reasons and what that means for people, which are on the search for clips for their own videos can be read in my FAQ's.






Now that the break of The O.C. is over mine is too.

Marissa was the subject of my first project.

The main focus of "Lost inside" is on the first two episodes of the second Season.


Furthermore I started to add the Videos of Gilmore Girls, One tree hill and The O.C. in a smaller size.

Not all of them are up yet, but they will be added eventually.

For the other shows goes the same.

Just have a little patience with me, since it's after all a lot of work.


A new button is up under Affiliates as well.
It's an other site of Anica and a friend of hers (Cerri).

It's for the show Alias and my videos are online there too.

Just take a look.






Finally after all the trouble I was able to upload my new video.

It took me over a week but now there's a new Video for One tree hill online.


"Betrayed" is, as the title already suggests, about Brooke&Lucas&Peyton.

Brooke finally finds out that Lucas is cheating on her.






Today I've opened up a new section in the Alias category.
With the addition of the Vaughn video "Part Of Me", the Alias Solo section was opened.


Two new Affiliates ('Tragic angel' / 'Summer's Key') were added.






First of all I'm proud to announce that I won an Award for my Solo video "Save Me" from Antarian Video Award. Thanks.


Secondly I have a new video for my favorite Roswell character Michael Guerin. The name is "Anything But Ordinary".






Second video for One tree hill is online.

This time it's a Lucas&Peyton one "Broken Smile".


With the ok of Doc Paul and Susan (RoswellDesertSkies) I've added a link to the Roswell Fanfiction "Those left behind", which I referred to in my Author's note for "Picket Fence". Thanks to those two.


I think that's all for today...






New Alias video "Fall For Me".

A little exception from my S3 obsession...

It's just about the sweet little start of the S&V relationship.


There's also a new Affiliate in my Link section.

It's 'Crushed Candy', a very nice Candy site.

Take a look.






Here I'm back again, with a new category and video.


The new video is for my latest addiction 'One tree hill'.

The video is called "Which One?" and I've added it to the UC section. At first I wasn't sure where to put it, since it's UC and in some way CC too. I've finally decided to put it into the UC section, since it's more UC than CC action after all. But in the end it's something for Lucas&Peyton fans too.


Furthermore I have a new Affiliate in 'Roswell-High'.

It's a very nice and still regulary updated Roswell page. Therefore worth a look.






It's finally time to open Scattered Pictures.
I'm so happy that it's finally done and I want to thank everyone who supported me in this like Anica, Lesley and all the others who believed in it and encouraged me.
It really meant a lot to me, therefore a big *thank you* to all of you.


My previous site CandyDreamGazer-Flashes was all about Roswell, but this site will be about all my favorite shows and I hope you will enjoy it.


As an opening present I have a new Roswell Cast video "Picket Fence", an Alias Sydney&Vaughn video "In My Dreams" and last but not least a Gilmore Girls video "After All".


Wish you a lot of fun and hope you like what you see.


Kerstin (FehrsTabascoGirlie)